How to take part in Abseil for Youth

You can take part in the annual Abseil for Youth by:

Register to abseil as an individual - click through to create individual page 

Register a team to abseil - click through to create team page 

You can join a team - click through to search option? 

Sponsor an abseiler - click here to find an abseiler or team 

Fundraising to abseil

Fundraising to be part of Abseil for Youth doesn't have to be hard work.

Get ready, watch the donations roll in and let's begin your 2017 Abseil for Youth journey!

Follow these simple steps to success! 

 - Create and personalise your page 

- Share your page with everyone - you'll have your own page url to share

- Ask for donations - call, email, text and use social media 

- Update your email signature 

- Get your workplace involved 

- Use the support collateral to promote your involvement - put a flyer or poster on your desk 

** to help break up some the text above - instead of a 'dash' we can use a icon/ symbol? 

Want to know more? See the fundraising resources which can be found here (link to tips page)

Need Help? 

We're here to help make your ABSEIL a success.

We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch with Cath, our Events Manager, by emailing or calling 02 9219 2039

Also check out our tips page, under resources to find posters, email signatures and flyers to download - put them up around the office or send to friends calling for their support of your abseil! 

If you require assistance with creating a personal fundraising page, or are experiencing difficulties joining a team page please contact us! 

The SDMF Team