You can find answers to some of the most common event-day questions below. You can download a complete list of FAQ questions by clicking the button below.

If your question still remains unanswered, please call the Sir David Martin Foundation office on (02) 9219 2002 during business hours and we'll be more than happy to help!

Common event-day questions

Abseil time slots
A time slot for your abseil and/or team's abseil will be allocated to you once you have reached your target. We will endeavour to give a time slot that suits you and/or your team. The time slot will be confirmed via email and phone within the weeks leading up to the event.
Time slots cannot be changed on the day or in the last week before the event if it has been allocated to you.
Where do I go on the day?
Head to 1 Market Street, and please go to the 'Abseil for Youth' registration desk, which will situated under the buildings awning on Market St, near the landing zone. You MUST register here first as an individual or with your team.  You and/or your team will be fitted with harnesses and escorted in the lifts to the roof top.
How long does it take to abseil?
The average time to abseil down the building is about 15-20 minutes. However, we do ask participants to allow at least 2 hours out of their day to do the Abseil for Youth. Each abseiler is asked to arrive at the registration desk 30 minutes before their abseil time. 

Should you wish to invite friends, colleagues and family along to watch, advise them that they can expect to see come down the building around 30-40 minutes after you have registered on the ground floor.
*SDMF and the technical team reserve the right to change any abseil times on the day as necessary.
Safety and Security during your Abseil
There may be several questions and concerns you have in regards to the safety provided during an abseil from such a significant height of 33 floors. We have listed below a couple of the common questions we get asked, otherwise you can read more under the 'FAQ's ' section
Q: Are there any height and weight restrictions?
We have harnesses that are capable of fitting individuals from 40kgs up to 150kgs, we have abseiled several individuals who have been 2 metres tall.

Q: What happens if I let go of the ropes?
Roping standards requires that two ropes are required; you will have control of the abseil rope, should you let this go, the second rope managed from the top of the building by a qualified instructor will ensure that your descent rate does not increase.

Q: What happens if I get stuck or I cannot do it anymore and are half way down the building?
We have identified several potential rescues that could possibly occur, before the event commences these rescue techniques are rehearsed and can be employed within 10-15 seconds of an incident. A rescue will employ a lowering method to the ground, or an instructor to abseil down to the location and manage the incident.
Abseiling as a Team
There will be 4-6 abseiling ropes running at a time. If you have registered as a team we will ensure that you complete the abseil together. Larger teams of 6 or more, we will split into even groups to complete the abseil.  
After your Abseil
Once you have completed your abseil, please wait for ground floor photographer to take your picture before the Landing Zone crew assist you in taking off your harness and abseiling equipment. You are then welcome to enjoy the atmosphere at the Landing Zone by taking a seat and enjoying a drink with your friends and family at the Shelbourne Hotel.  
We will celebrate everyone's achievements in this year's Abseil for Youth on the evening of Friday 13th October at the Shelbourne Hotel from 7pm - please join us! 
What to wear?
Please wear comfortable but fitted clothing, such as gym gear or long pants and a t-shirt/ long sleeve shirt. It is important that your midriff is covered to avoid the harness and ropes rubbing against your skin. A long sleeve shirt can provide warmth and protection from the sun. We advise that you wear also wear comfortable, closed-in shoes and preferably white-soled training shoes – no ballet flats or sandals.
See more information in the FAQ's

What to bring?
Please limit the belongings you bring with you. All valuables such as wallets, phones, keys and jewellery should be left with someone you know. It is not possible for us store or mind personal items while you abseil, and we will not be responsible for items that go missing. Be aware that NO PHONES will be allowed past the registration desk!
Photos and Videos
On the event days we will have photographers on hand at the rooftop and landing zone to capture your abseil. These photos can be accessed online directly after the event and the week following on social media. 
Wet Weather
Abseil for Youth can still go ahead if it is raining. The event maybe paused, postponed or cancelled if there is considerable wind, heavy rain, an electrical storm or any weather deemed unsafe by the technical team from Adventure Out and the Event Managers. 
We will notify participants ASAP and also provide updates via FACEBOOK and TWITTER. 

More information on wet weather in the FAQ's